What happens if it rains?

Famously sang by my 90s favourite Alanis ‘it’s like rain on your wedding day’………………… BUT DO NOT WORRY, some of my all time favourite images have been from the wettest weddings.

I have been capturing laid back, cool couples for a whole decade now and I wanted to share a series of top tips and some of the most frequently asked questions so, first up:

What happens if it rains?

I would love to preorder the perfect weather for you guys, I really would but the reality is that the weather is out of our control. I know we all like to have a good obsess over the forecast before the big day (I am on constant weather watch for you) but ultimately we can’t change it BUT  we can make sure we are going to get the best images & memories possible.

If you have checked ahead (I know you will and I certainly will) and the forecast shows it may rain on your big day then don’t spend your time worrying about it, instead be prepared and order at least a dozen large white or clear umbrellas, this way you know you and the bridal party have these to hand if you need them. The large white or clear ones are a must, they allow the light to diffuse through and illuminate the faces underneath them. They can easily be purchased from Amazon or eBay, they do cost a little more but are so worth it. Multi coloured or dark brollies are a no no as they do the opposite and will just cast an unsightly shadow and all kinds of crazy colour cast. See what I mean, how gorgeous do these ladies look below with the clear brollies.

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Bridesmaids under umbrellas

If the rain looks like it will happen when you are going to be outside, like when you have to walk into church and there is no shelter then it’s a good idea to delegate to one of the bridal party (often a groomsmen) to hand brollies out at this point. That way its one less thing for you worry about and you know you can stay dry.

bride and dad walking to church under brolly

Little paige boy helping with the umbrellas for wet wedding

I will always be looking out for the absolute best possible angles, lighting and composition even in the rain. If I need to go outside and stand in the soaking wet to get the best images that I can, then I absolutely will (don’t worry I bring a change of clothes). Quite often there are spaces undercover where you can seek shelter and we can get some great images despite the rain, doorways can make excellent areas for this as we still have the advantage of natural light. I want to capture your day as its happening, this includes all the crazy goings’ on with umbrellas, puddles and all the in between.

Don’t forget your tribe love you and will be more than happy to help. Remember you are marrying your best friend and spending the day making memories with all your favourite people, its the people and emotion that matter. Your guests love you and are there to celebrate your love not get side tracked by the weather.

You can get some amazing skies just before and after rain so it can really be a bonus. When I feel we have a gap in the rain I will whizz you out for some gorgeous portraits too, even if it’s only a 10 minute gap we can still make the most magical images.

Lastly if it has been a particularly rainy day it often means the party gets started earlier and the dance floor really is alive! Head over to see this beautiful wet wedding in Northumberland and this one in the lakes if you want to see what I mean!

Confetti walk with bride and groomartistic image through rainy marquee side wet wedding guests chatting in the rain wide landscape view from church dooraction moments as guests step over puddlebrolly moments guests outside church with umbrellas guests walking in the rain through fields bridesmaids with umbrellas bride and groom in rain with landscape of the lakes bride and groom under clear umbrellas kissing dance floor action with guests having party feet peeping from under umbrellarain on window pain

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