Film goodness

35mm & 120film images

Close up shot of brides pink & red roses bouquet taken on 35mm analogue film with direct flash
Bride cupping grooms face as they share a kiss at dusk, taken on Kodak portrait 400 35mm film
Disco ball suspended from Middleton Lodge Marquee roof taken on 35mm analogue film

Having started my journey to photography shooting with analogue film cameras I will always remain passionate about the colour palette, unique process and inherent quality of traditional film.

Incidental detail shot taken on evening of bride holding a bottle of champagne in her hand taken on 35mm with direct flash
Beautiful head and shoulder portrait of bride taken on kodak 400 porter film
Bride and groom outside the iconic Marylebone town hall taken on 35mm analogue film

Whether it is 35mm and its grain or the beauty of medium format film, you can choose to add a few rolls on to a full day collection package. I then shoot this along side digital. Film has a wonderful perfectly, imperfect nature, the colours and focus are completely different to that of modern day digital.

Detail shot of bride and groom holding hands with ring on display taken on 35mm film

My favourite film stock is Kodak portra.



Stunning motion shot taken on slow shutter speed to capture brides dress moving



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