Film goodness

35mm & 120film images

Bride cupping grooms face as they share a kiss at dusk, taken on Kodak portrait 400 35mm film
close up detail of brides bouquet taken on 35mm analogue film
35mm film pic of close up bride and groom cheers with champagne taken with direct flash at night

Having started my journey to photography shooting with analogue film cameras I will always remain passionate about the colour palette, unique process and inherent quality of traditional film.

Incidental detail shot taken on evening of bride holding a bottle of champagne in her hand taken on 35mm with direct flash
Beautiful head and shoulder portrait of bride taken on kodak 400 porter film
Bride and groom outside the iconic Marylebone town hall taken on 35mm analogue film
Detail shot of disco balls suspended from marquee roof taken on 35mm film
Bride and groom linking arm in arm and bride holds her bouquet taken on 35mm film

In the fast-paced world of wedding photography, capturing those fleeting, intimate moments is essential. While digital cameras offer speed and convenience, there’s something uniquely timeless about the images produced by a 35mm rangefinder camera. I incorporate a small 35mm rangefinder camera with beautiful Zeiss prime lenses into my wedding photography

The lightweight design, combined with the superb quality of Zeiss prime lenses, allows me to capture the full spectrum of highlights go a wedding day—from wide, sweeping scenes to intimate, emotive portraits. By blending the old and the new, I can deliver a collection of images that are not only beautiful but also timeless, offering my clients a unique and treasured keepsake of their special day.

candid moment of guests in golden low sunlight enjoying the garden outside the marquee , shot on 35mm analogue film
Detail image of Jimmy Choo shoes on bed taken with direct flash on 35mm film

Lightweight and Efficient

Weddings are dynamic events, with moments unfolding rapidly. A small 35mm rangefinder camera is a lightweight option that doesn’t weigh you down, allowing for greater mobility and less fatigue over a long day of shooting. This camera fits easily into my kit alongside my digital equipment, ready to be pulled out for those special moments where I want to capture the timeless beauty of film.

Complementing Digital Workflow

Using a 35mm rangefinder camera alongside my digital setup offers the best of both worlds. While my digital camera handles the rapid-fire shots and instant previews, the rangefinder allows me to slow down and compose each shot thoughtfully. This dual approach ensures that I capture the day’s fast-paced action and its quiet, reflective moments with equal finesse.

Whether it is 35mm and its grain or the beauty of medium format film, you can choose to add a few rolls on to a full day collection package. I then shoot this along side digital. Film has a wonderful perfectly, imperfect nature, the colours and focus are completely different to that of modern day digital.

Close up shot of brides pink & red roses bouquet taken on 35mm analogue film with direct flash

Love the analogue film?

Add ANALOGUE to your day.

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