beautiful full length portrait of bride and groom sharing a moment together framed by a large hedge archway at The Halford estate gardens
Black and white image of close up of bride holding bouquet showing the texture and tone of the florals

C & M

‘Before we get on to the photos, we have to thank you for being a wonderful accomplice to our day. 

We couldn’t have wished for a better person to be around, to keep us calm, guide us in the right direction and get the perfect shot. 

We hope your feet have recovered and you’ve had chance to snuggle your pups!

The sneak peek is EVERYTHING. 


movement blur shot of bride and groom


Nestled in the heart of the Cheshire countryside, Holford Estate is a dream location for any couple. With its 130 acres of manicured gardens, ancient woodlands, and tranquil lakes, the estate offers endless opportunities for stunning photographs. The historic architecture, including the iconic Tudor hall and the brick barn, provided a magnificent backdrop for Chloe and Matt’s wedding.

Bride and groom laughing while walking through confetti

Chloe and Matt’s wedding was the epitome of elegance, refinement, and relaxed charm. Their special day was a celebration of timeless style, set against the breathtaking backdrop of this historic venue.

Wide landscape scene of brides mum fanning out the brides veil, taken through door way
Stunning close up of white peony
Candid moment in ceremony of grooms parents looking over at him before the ceremony begins

Chloe & Matt’s Elegant and Relaxed Wedding

From the moment I arrived at The Holford Estate, I could feel the love and joy in the air. Chloe and Matt envisioned a wedding that was both elegant and relaxed, with a focus on timeless style, and the venue provided the perfect canvas for their vision.

The Ceremony: The couple chose to host their ceremony in the brick barn with its beautiful high ceilings. The aisle was adorned with stunning floral meadows by Mary Mary flowers. The fragrant peonies and roses smelt divine. Chloe walked down the aisle in a stunning silk Sassi Holford, gown that epitomizing timeless elegance. Their ceremony really was so heartfelt with personalised vows there wasn’t a dry eye.

Bride and groom first kiss in ceremony in black and white
Bride and groom walking down the aisle in the brick barn at The Holford estate
Candid moment of family and bridesmaids as the couple exchange vows
Confetti image full length
bride and groom share their first cheers of champagne after confetti . Shot on 35mm analogue film with printed film boarder showing on edges of image
Groom pouring himself and bride champagne , close up detail only hands and glasses
Bride and groom wandering the gardens in black and white taken in harsh sunlight front lit
close up detail of brides bouquet taken on 35mm analogue film
Bride and groom sharing a tender moment in the shade of the garden. Bride fixes grooms bow tie
Wide landscape scene of the guests and bride and groom all mingling framed by hedge
Candid moment of bride chatting with friends
Bride and groom walking past lily pond hand in hand wearing sunglasses
Close up of peony flower in harsh light
Wide landscape scene with guests in front of the authentic Tudor main house at Holford Estate
Bride and bridesmaids under hedge arch
Bride and groom linking arm in arm and bride holds her bouquet taken on 35mm film

Embracing Timeless Photography with 35mm Analogue Film

Chloe and Matt are big fans of timeless styles and appreciate the wonderful quality of 35mm analogue film. They decided to incorporate this classic medium into their wedding photography. The choice added a layer of depth and authenticity to their wedding album, capturing the emotions and moments with a distinct, nostalgic feel that only film can provide. The grain, tones, and unique characteristics of 35mm film perfectly complemented the elegant and refined atmosphere of their day.

Landscape shot with Bride and groom in front of the main house at Holford estate, with the lily pond in the foreground
bride and groom share a kiss as brides veil blows in the breeze
grooms mum holding brides hand in lovely candid moment
black and white wide scene of the wedding drinks reception, guests chatting
Black and white close up of brides hand holding champagne coupe
black and white detail shot of table place card with low sunlight to the side
Bride and groom walking through the gardens
Close up above shot of floral meadows that decorated the aisle
Bride and groom walking over the bridge at Holford estate with the house in the background
bride and groom holding hands walking towards the camera. Only hands and body visible
bride and groom walking towards the camera in black and white down a tree lines path
Brides sunglasses on table place setting
images taken from behind the bride and groom while they share a moment dropping their heads together with golden light peeking through. Shot on medium format film
Candid moments with guests after the wedding breakfast
bride chatting candidly in marquee with guests while seated
candid moment of guests in golden low sunlight enjoying the garden outside the marquee , shot on 35mm analogue film
groomsmen fun pic taking off bow ties as groom stands in
Bride and groom entering the dance floor cheering
Detail image Image of cake being served on plate
Bride and groom dancing
Bride and groom after dark pic with front flash of them walking and cheering with drinks
35mm film pic of close up bride and groom cheers with champagne taken with direct flash at night
bride taking a pic of me taking a pic

Guests enjoyed a delectable meal, shared heartfelt toasts, and danced the night away under the twinkling lights. Let’s also give a shout out to our VIP Buzz, Chloe & Matt’s gorgeous fur baby who joined us for a few pawtraits.

Huge thanks also goes to the team at The Holford Estate who always go the extra mile and Hannah who is just the dream. Never underestimate how a great team can make your day flow & unforgettable.

I was honored to capture the timeless moments that made their day unforgettable. If you’re looking for a wedding venue that combines historic charm with modern elegance, Holford Estate is the perfect choice.