The Seriously Stylish Shepherds Purse Shoot – Part One Bridal – Fine Art Film

Ok so I have loved this little family run gem since I was a child. Growing up I liked to go in there and buy dried bananas and bombay mix – yes very odd child! Then over the years the gorgeous boutique in the back was my favourite and home to some absolute treasures. Anyone who has ever visited The Shepherds Purse in Whitby will know that its such a beautiful place stocked full of goodness from different parts of the world.  The Shepherds purse ladies are super stylish and know how to pull looks together and dress anything. When they stated creating pretty floral head wear I just knew we needed to work together on a shoot. So after months of plotting, planning , sourcing and scouring the day was finally with us. We used a secret location and the girls who work in or are friends of the Shepherds Purse modelled for us…………..seriously gorgeous each with a unique look. (thank you all for being gorgeous, trekking up the hill, carrying chairs , changing with tourists walking round… get the picture)

Michelle and Sophie styled the whole day with suitcases full of gorgeous dresses, headwear, trinkets and jewellery most of which can be found in the shop. We had two looks the first being more bridal, I say bridal but what i really mean is Shepherds Purse bridal swoon worthy. The second look was wild and wonderful with a touch of the Normadic, which rich fabrics and deep reds.

We also had the gorgeous Marci Stuchlikova who was a dream to work with and did all the ladies hair and make up – yes ALL not a small task, especially when we had two looks. I absolutely LOVED the last look which was wild and wonderful. If you are looking for a top make up artist then Marci is your lady.

The lovely Nina also joined us on the shoot . Nina is a stylist (styled by Nina) and I need to give her a big shout out for all her hard work and especially for following me round and picking up and passing me a different camera ever few looks and also when I was loading film……………Yes beautiful analogue film producing gorgeous fine art film images. Film has a whole different quality to digital but thats another story for a different time. Oh and how could I forget the florals, the oh so amazing florals. They were perfect in every way, the colours the way they were put together , the ribbons holding them.. Annie is an incredibly talented lady, thank you Annie.

Everyone involved THANK YOU

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