North Yorkshire Weddings

Hi thanks for stopping by I’m Georgina, nice to meet you.North Yorkshire Weddings

I’m a seaside dweller residing on the North Yorkshire coast in a small fishing town, some call home to Dracula. I have been working as a professional photographer since graduating in 2005 from my photography degree. However it was in 2010 when I realised my passion for creatively preserving weddings. I love the joy and happiness, emotions and connections that wedding stories bring.

I believe in craft and quality, longevity and love. This philosophy is echoed within my wedding photography. I record weddings with a mixture of digital and analogue film. I love the quality that is inherent to traditional film photography. The colours are rich and have a beautiful depth. Couples often book me who are looking for this quality with in their wedding images and value photography.

My photographic style is a blend of relaxed, documentary which aims to capture the real emotion on your day, coupled with a mix of beautiful fine art images that stand the test of time. I love creating images that give a sense of warmth and depth , be it a carefully selected detail or a quite emotion.You can find out more about my approach and style here 

I also like to bring an editorial feel to my images so will often look for the beauty with in the everyday in order to provide you with beautiful images.

When not behind the camera or chatting all things wedding, I can often be found walking my very spirited miniature Dachshund, Ernest on the beach.

I  also have a passion for plants and florals

and if I wasn’t a photographer I probably would have been a florist .

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Image credit Emma Billsborough