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Well I don’t know where to begin with this one……… my dear friend Adam Prest , one of the hippest florists around decided we needed to hook up and do a fun Easter fine art photography portrait shoot. So we find ourselves in my mums neighbours garden and field behind the house where I used to play as a child catching the most prettiest of hens! (giggles commence anyone who knows Adam will know what fun he is)  Adam and I are both on the same creative vibe and love natural light and the outdoors. Often sourcing from nature and found objects Adam creates beautiful designs for the decerning client. Adam loves fine craft and 90% of the shoot was taken using analogue film. Film has a wonderful rich quality and I feel it really compliments the fine art look.

Here is a bit from Adam

“The shoot is for my London pr and concierge representatives. It captures the moment, countryside and gardens, natural flowing and inspirational!
I have to really connect with the photographer or the shots just aren’t me. Georgina has wonderful people skills , relaxed and calm adding her creative eye and touches. She is a wonderfully kind and happy person, with an edgy eye!
I feel so comfortable with G and her incessant commiment to perfection.  You can tell if someone has “got it” and she has in discreet abundance. “
You can find Adam portfolio here 
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